Dirty Wars

Have you seen Jeremy Scahill's Dirty Wars yet? This is a powerful, engaging, mind-blowing documentary, sure to get an Oscar for best documentary of the year. The cinematography is incredible, especially considering where it was shot. Scahill, like Daniel Ellsberg, Bradley Manning, and Edward Snowden, is standing up to lead us even if we don't follow. But if we love our country, follow we will! Until you've seen Dirty Wars, there's a very good chance you don't really know your own country. (You can stream it on NetFlix. Click here for other ways to see it.)

You won't believe how insanely brave Scahill is. He's constantly at risk of being blown up, shot, or kidnapped by one Afghan warlord or another. How he ever got a camera crew to accompany him into one insanely dangerous situation after another I'll never understand!

I hope that after you've seen this movie, you'll turn other people on to it!

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