9/11 Conspiracy Theory
You will love this 5 Minute video. What do you think?


Fukushima Cleanup is Job One

This video, compared to all the videos I've watched about Fukushima, is the best bottom-line report I've seen. It's impressive to me that they admit all this stuff on a mainstream show on CBS. Physicist Michio Kaku has gotten pretty big as a scientific spokesman, too big to risk saying something that is scientifically untrue, and his comments are both interesting and frightening. From a quick glance at the headlines in the paper and the news headlines on CNN.com, the average Amerikan is probably thinking that everything at Fukushima is pretty stabilized by now. Wow, I didn't know that there were still unusable pastures in England from the Chernobyl meltdown!

I think Job One on this planet right now is for all countries to work together to solve Fukushima to the highest level humanly possible. I was thinking that an international coalition should build the largest barge ever, each section of it the largest floating thing ever built. The barge could be insulated with lead and cement, loaded with the parts of the Fukushima power plants by gigantic front loaders, and sunk in the Mariana Trench, 7 miles deep, in a hole dug by a nuclear blast, and then capped by cement, lead, etc. I don't know shit about things like this, but our top scientists and engineers should be able to come up with some scenario for a gigantic international-scale project that could put this problem to rest.

Here are two things from Russia: the famous Chernobyl ghost Ferris wheel and Maria Sharapova.