Donald Trump Longs for the "Good Old Days"

I notice people talking about how bad Hillary was as a candidate. And they talk about some of the good ideas Trump has come up with. The smart Trump sympathizers talk about how Hillary was more likely than Trump to start World War 3 with Russia, and their evidence is compelling. But Trump supporters seem to be overlooking one incredibly important point: they seem blind to just how abhorrent and frightening Trump is as a president. I'm noticing that a lot of formerly good people have somehow become insane, and they have become apologists for Trump!

Every breath we have taken in our lives and every beat of our hearts in our lifetimes has been under the presidency of a Hillary-like leader! Hillary lied and killed, but so did Johnson and Nixon. So did Obama. But we've never lived under the presidency of an ignorant, dishonest, racist, greedy, criminal (look at his environmental stance and his stance on torture) clown! Once you speak at length about your plans to command American citizens to use techniques far more extreme than waterboarding to torture people, you might as well have bitten the head off a kitten on the debate stage or showed a reporter kiddie porn on your cell phone! And yet Trump supporters actually have the ability to overlook this!

Here. I made a video for you, just 3 minutes long. This is a screen capture from an excellent 2016 Netflix documentary, 13th.

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