Donald Trump Longs for the "Good Old Days"

I notice people talking about how bad Hillary was as a candidate. And they talk about some of the good ideas Trump has come up with. The smart Trump sympathizers talk about how Hillary was more likely than Trump to start World War 3 with Russia, and their evidence is compelling. But Trump supporters seem to be overlooking one incredibly important point: they seem blind to just how abhorrent and frightening Trump is as a president. I'm noticing that a lot of formerly good people have somehow become insane, and they have become apologists for Trump!

Every breath we have taken in our lives and every beat of our hearts in our lifetimes has been under the presidency of a Hillary-like leader! Hillary lied and killed, but so did Johnson and Nixon. So did Obama. But we've never lived under the presidency of an ignorant, dishonest, racist, greedy, criminal (look at his environmental stance and his stance on torture) clown! Once you speak at length about your plans to command American citizens to use techniques far more extreme than waterboarding to torture people, you might as well have bitten the head off a kitten on the debate stage or showed a reporter kiddie porn on your cell phone! And yet Trump supporters actually have the ability to overlook this!

Here. I made a video for you, just 3 minutes long. This is a screen capture from an excellent 2016 Netflix documentary, 13th.

Thank you for following my blog! Let's get down to business. Now it's life or death.

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  1. This is an amazing little piece of this documentary. It really drives it home just how insane and surreal our present political situation is!! Have fun answering this . . .

  2. It's insane that he acts the way he does and still receives so much support.

  3. That's a great video. It has a strong and focussed message. Everything is so bat-shit crazy. I agree with Eileen, it's Trump's support that's insane.


  4. By the end of that video I found myself sitting there stunned, just stunned… I keep thinking the country is going to rise up and transform into something... I hate to say it… transform into something great, but, but, but, what about THOSE folks? !

  5. PS — Thanks for all your recent help, Jeff — I'd be sunk without you!

  6. Good job, Jeff. We are in scary times. It is so sad that we have taken a huge step backwards!

  7. Here’s one possible take on what the right wants:

    The ‘culture war’ types want to undo all the personal freedom gains since the 1960’s, and go back to some idea of white/male suburbia that never really existed.

    The free market fundamentalists want to undo the New Deal.

    The white south wants to undo losing the Civil War.

    The religious fundamentalists want to undo the Enlightenment.

    How far back are those ‘good old days’?


  8. Thanks, Dave,

    I really like your analysis of what "the good old days" means!! Great!

    I posted your emailed comments anonymously to my blog comments.

    I had heard Trump make all those comments about the good old days, but seeing them juxtaposed with the police and public roughing up blacks demonstrating for Civil Rights really drove it home!

  9. [Sent to me as email from "M"]

    (Posted by M)

    Hey Jeff,

    Read your blog, watched the video, very nice propaganda. As usual, I didn’t put this feedback on your blog page because your site forces me to open a Google account and put my name on your site. I’m trying to decrees my on-line footprint and some day you will know how smart that is.

    Clip pieces of news or history or the menu at Denny’s and you can make your point dance and sing. You know what I am noticing lately? It’s what I DON’T see or hear in the media. It is clear to me now that nearly all media outlets lean to the left. Honest reporting has gone into retirement. Unbiased reporting is a thing of the past.

    It’s gone.

    TV and newspapers are now so opinionated that they can’t be trusted to tell the truth. But it’s what they don’t tell you that really tells the story. The American media spent all day yesterday reporting that non-event of between Trumps wife and some clothing store. Yawn. Did they report that the CEO of Intel (who voted for Hillary) was at the white house working a deal to build a facility here in the USA that would pump over seven billion dollars into american pockets and create over 3000 jobs, also here in the US. If Hillary had won, you know goddam well this would not be happening. So why wasn’t it on CNN? Because the media belongs to the left, and the left, instead of doing something positive for this country (like telling ALL the truth) just wants to tear things down, like some pouting child. You lost the election, get over it. If you want to blame someone for allowing a guy like Trump to get elected, you’ll find your answer in Washington DC. Trump won because people were fed up with career politicians doing nothing except arguing with each other, and they would have voted for a wet sock if it meant not voting for a career politician.

    Welcome to four years of wet sock. You have only your duly elected representative to blame.

    Feel free to put THAT on your blog page if you can do it without using my name. Somehow, I don't think you will. I smell bias...

    (Posted by M)

  10. Hey, "M",

    It's very easy to post anonymously on this blog. If it doesn't work on your old computer in Explorer, try it on Firefox. Anyway, I did it for you!

    How silly you are to be spouting the brain-dead Republican trope about left-leaning media! It's almost too ignorant a statement to comment on. Have you ever listened to a Pacifica radio station, such as 94.1 KPFA in Berkeley? Now THAT is left. They tell it like it is. Amy Goodman, probably the best news anchor in the United States today, doesn't talk about 9/11 conspiracies because she's an objective journalist, and even though it's almost certain the government is lying to us about 9/11, we have no smoking gun and she knows it. But she talks about the Iraq invasions of both Bushes as war crimes, a powerful country invading a sovereign country that is zero threat to it in order to control and exploit the wealth of that country. 3 million Iraqis have died because of the policies of Bush1, Clinton, Bush2, and Obama.

    But the other media, even National Public Radio, actually use terms such as "Operation Iraqi Freedom" with a straight face, and support the military industrial complex all the way.

    It's true that many journalists are left leaning individuals. But THE FINAL PRODUCT of corporate media, even the supposedly liberal New York Times, is that they act like cheerleaders for Amerika's war crimes du jour, as they did for both Iraq invasions. The ACTUAL news--the REALITY of these events--was only reported on a few reader supported websites and a few listener supported radio stations. But all of the major media are owned by 5 megacorporations, which all have similar world views, and they control our Congress, our President, and what news we are exposed to. Most small towns can't even get Pacifica stations on their radios, so their people end up having narrow minded, ignorant views such as yours.

    Watch the fucking "13th" documentary if you're offended that the little selection I shared takes things out of context. I just clipped an especially powerful 3.5 minute section to clue you in on this amazing film.

    I wonder if you will EVER wake up. I think you get off on the feeling of being "exceptional" and somehow better than the rest of the people of the world because you're an Amerikkkan.

    There is a global revolution afoot, in which every child will get enough to eat, every adult will have medical care and a good education, and war will be as taboo as cannibalism. At this moment, even though I sense you are a good person, you are an enemy of that revolution.

    Read the awesome comment by anonymous "Dave" above to see what going back to "the good old days" actually means, and try to watch that video clip with an open mind!

  11. I don't know about 911. The things that bug me about Trump are about as plain as a mole on a persons face. Kudos to him for keeping or bringing jobs here, but what happened to separation of church and state and conflicting interests? These are basic precepts of a democracy and much of what he is doing is against these ideas. I have to say to M that Trump and his daughters line of goods (not his wife) is very important news. Trump needs to separate his interests and his families interest from his duty to the people of the United States. His office is not the place to sell family wares or his business. In fact, he should be barred from holding ANY conferences or meetings in any Trump buildings or businesses. This is basic folks. Second, he has hired a woman to run our public education department who has never gone to a public school, has never taught or administered a public school and who has never sent any of her children to a public school. She basically wants to do away with public schools. So in 10 years when any of you Trump supporters wonder why we are more like Haiti or Honduras in education you can thank her for that. And oh yeah, creationism will replace biology and we will be back to believing in spontaneous generation. Yay! Magic!