Look What Someone Did to My Truck!
You have all seen my truck (click on the picture to view the beautiful girl blocked by my "links" panel). I've had bumper stickers something like these on the tailgate for several years now, and never once did anyone remove a sticker or do anything to harm my truck. But finally something happened. You won't believe what someone did to my truck the other day. Scroll down past this "before" picture to see!

Look what someone left under my windshield wiper!

And in "keeping the faith," here's a letter of mine that was published yesterday:


Sunday Comics! Secret Message for Republicans 
They're trying to tell you something. Three different strips on this one Sunday morning! In a small-town newspaper! What could be more mainstream than Sunday comics? It's just not plausible to say that people intending to vote for McCain simply don't know what's going on. They are being told from so many different directions and in so many different ways!

Click on images to make them bigger and more readable. 


This picture has pretty much gone viral on the Internet, but it was missing something. A friend of mine just added the present administration to it. Now it's complete!