Fukushima Cleanup is Job One

This video, compared to all the videos I've watched about Fukushima, is the best bottom-line report I've seen. It's impressive to me that they admit all this stuff on a mainstream show on CBS. Physicist Michio Kaku has gotten pretty big as a scientific spokesman, too big to risk saying something that is scientifically untrue, and his comments are both interesting and frightening. From a quick glance at the headlines in the paper and the news headlines on CNN.com, the average Amerikan is probably thinking that everything at Fukushima is pretty stabilized by now. Wow, I didn't know that there were still unusable pastures in England from the Chernobyl meltdown!

I think Job One on this planet right now is for all countries to work together to solve Fukushima to the highest level humanly possible. I was thinking that an international coalition should build the largest barge ever, each section of it the largest floating thing ever built. The barge could be insulated with lead and cement, loaded with the parts of the Fukushima power plants by gigantic front loaders, and sunk in the Mariana Trench, 7 miles deep, in a hole dug by a nuclear blast, and then capped by cement, lead, etc. I don't know shit about things like this, but our top scientists and engineers should be able to come up with some scenario for a gigantic international-scale project that could put this problem to rest.

Here are two things from Russia: the famous Chernobyl ghost Ferris wheel and Maria Sharapova.


  1. Really terrible. How on earth do those masks help? Seems so sadly futile.

  2. We need to get ourselves off of carbon fuels - oil, gas, coal - and fully converted to real renewable sustainable clean energy so we can shut down all the nuclear plants.

    Your previous post compared capitalism to nuclear enery. I think that's a good analogy - it's too toxic to be continued.

  3. would that include building the largest front loaders ever built, radiation shielded to the max, so that the debris could be scooped up

    remember, there is a pressure vessel inside

    nobody is going to get close enough to cut it into pieces.

    radiation is so strong robotics have been failing

    so, you have got to have a way to break it apart, lift the ENTIRE wieght of the pressure vessel
    and put it into a closeable bay on the barge

    I believe it could be done, if there was a worldwide commitment to the project/

    will the banksters and MilIndComplex and Pentagon give up their monies to do something so useful?

  4. Yeah, the front loaders would have to be hella big. I'm glad you think it's potentially doable. Humans DO build huge vehicles, such as cruise ships. A gargantuan front loader, with wheels five stories high, could scrape the whole mess into a gigantic dustpan deck on a giant barge.

  5. Maria Sharapova falls to Flavia Pennetta…. (;-<)

  6. At 57, I would say "Bring it on!" if I didn't have children. I'd be sad, but also resigned to my fate. But since I do have children and since soon we'll be able to measure an appreciable gain in radioactivity they're exposed to from Fukushima, I am freaked out for sure.

    I know Maria Sharapova more from her Cannon camera commercials than from tennis, but I'm sorry she lost.

  7. Saw the video. The situation is awful. The problem with nuclear power is that while accidents are rare, the consequences are just beyond belief.

    I don’t think dumping the worst contaminants in the ocean is a good idea. We don’t know enough about the deep ocean to know what the consequences would be. I prefer very, very deep burial.

  8. Very, very deep burial sounds like it could be the way to go. I agree that dumping in the ocean, even deeply burying and capping super radioactive waste in the deepest part of the ocean, would probably be a horrible solution.

    I just wish I were hearing more about ANY kind of solution to Japan's problem. I remember some super rich guys weighed in after the BP oil spill and came up with some novel ideas and some expensive new technology for skimming oil. I wish they would weigh in again on Fukushima.

  9. nuclear radiation like this is unsafe at any speed. - different from in-ground ancients, also not to be disturbed.

    There's no 0 [zero]. Bomb a place to unload? - using all that energy to move it?

    Cement,depth won't stop the stuff. Nothing stops it. The oceans are on Earth. It's been ruin since the first atom was 'smashed' in ?'44 - nuclear ruin. There is no solution to nuclear waste power weapon energy 'storage'.

  10. Thanks for the link to that video, Jeff. People really need to see this. I'd like to think that Fukushima (and the facts presented in this video) would alter the views of pro-nuclear types (particularly those in the environmental community, which sounds like an oxymoron, but nuclear power is a polarizing topic among environmentalists), but I don't know if it will.
    Jeff W

  11. I think that people should not be allowed to activate or use an energy source, weapons, or anything else that they haven't been able to devise a failsafe for. It's absolutely ridiculous that all these countries all over the world put in these nuclear reactors without a plan for what to do if one of more of them melts down. Duh.... It's sheer insanity that this has been going on and continues to go on. It's the same with the economy. Anyone with half a brain could figure out that if we lower the taxes on the rich for a goodly number of years, that it would cause a financial crisis for governments. Another stupid thing our government does is to maintain a healthcare delivery system that is more expensive than any other in the entire world that doesn't even cover everyone. What genius thought this up? As I always say, "where are all the smart people?" Are they extinct or has the corporate media bumped anyone with an idea that might shake up the insulated world of the powerful? As in Easter Island, those at the top were the last to know that their world was disintegrating. We cannot expect them to do anything. That's for sure.

  12. Hm... this is the first time I left a comment; so, I thought it would put my name there; but, it didn't. I meant to have my name on the post. Not anonymous. Anyway. The long post (of course) at the end right now is mine. Paulette