This is some evil king and queen shit: "Gingerbread White House" WTF??!!

Wow, this has got to be the best use of taxpayers money ever! It's like a king or queen having artisans make them a new crown or some jeweled eggs within eggs.

"We put together a time-lapse to show you how it came together -- and to get you in the holiday spirit."

Yeah, spending thousands of dollars to make a gingerbread White House that no one will even eat equals getting into the holiday spirit. Man, I fucking hate this. Barry sent me this link in an email today. He must think Amerika is a country of retarded people.

Check it out:



  1. and it's not even edible! It's all stuck on a wooden frame. That's the worst part to me-you couldn't eat it even if you wanted to. Still, there are worse things in the world than employing a bunch of chefs to make some useless "art".

  2. Did my tax money really pay for that? That is not even "ART." Please feed our hungry citizens!!

  3. I spent eleven years growing up in the white ghettos, which bordered the black ghettos in this city. I can just see all those poor, hungry people wondering how to get into that Federally Secured White House dumpster which probably has enough food tossed outin one night, that it would feed an entire neighborhood for a week.