America Becomes Diseased Right Before Your Eyes (Animated Obesity Map 1985-2010)

This is really quite amazing to watch, a God's-eye view of a whole nation becoming seriously ill, like watching an organism dying of cancer.

To read more about obesity in Amerika, go to this CDC page (where I found this scary animated map) and see the statistics that this map reflects.


  1. The first think is your are what you eat and the second is that's reflecting the anxious of a nation who has loss the north. You have loss your values. Your are standing over a time- bomb and nothing very radical is arising on your horizon to find your good destiny. The first value is left to be a militar empire and stop to disturb to the other nations and the second ones is limit the power of the multinational corporates because they are deciding for us and they only looks for profits today and nothing do for the next times and for the planet. So they decide too about what's good for heath and produced a lot of garbage food.

  2. Women's liberation (less home cooked/made foods :c).


    1. Yes, because everyone knows men are physically incapable of cooking

  3. This is so appropriate that I found through the grossly overweight mike whats its names web site trumpileaks.