Fuk Fukushima

A guy named Gerbil from the Fukushima Action Group just commented on a short little video I made of scientist Michio Kaku summing up the Fukushima situation. He shared a song he wrote

It's called "Fuk Fukushima". Check out the trumpet solo towards the end!

I responded to the comment he posted to my video:

You guys are doing THE thing that needs to be done now. Some people--just a very small percentage of any population--are really good at figuring out what Job One is. Several years ago, Job One, no matter what one's political affiliation, was to impeach Bush and try him and his administration for treason. Now, Job One is for all of the major countries (and even the minor ones, who could donate plenty of labor) to work together making a cement/boron sarcophagus to seal off Fukushima for at least the next 500 years. 

You don't wash the dishes while the kitchen is on fire. This is the most important job facing Earth residents right now, and it totally transcends politics, so it would be a great first international project, and it would set up future international projects we need to undertake in order to keep Earth habitable and safe for humans. Keep up the good work. You guys are amazing. Your trumpet solos could wake the dead (fucking Republicans). I consider quitting my good job (I'm a technical writer putting 2 smart, radical kids through college) and working full time on pushing for action in Fukushima, but I realize I have practically no voice, and that dealing with Fukushima is about 417th on the priority list of most Amerikans. And now the Japanese aren't even allowed to talk about it. 

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