Will Mankind Destroy Itself? (Michio Kaku)

This short video (6 minutes) is fascinating and fun! You will love it.


  1. 200 years of burning fossil fuels leaves us in a very tight spot. Even if we stop all the carbon emissions right away there is a latency of 40 years for the climate to adapt.

  2. Very thougtful piece - so do all live forms have a self-destruct button?

  3. Mili,

    Because of all the methane starting to bubble up in the Arctic, I think we're way past the point of no return. An interesting aspect of global climate change is that global warming and sea level rising would be a small problem for an enlightened race of beings with all nations federated under a global government for dealing with global issues. A peaceful, loving global society would simply move people around as needed, set them up with meaningful work, and adjust crops to suit new climates.

  4. MH,

    I don't know, but it seems likely. All livable planets are probably made of similar stuff, and the intelligent beings probably go through similar stages of development--inventing metal, projectile weapons, explosives, and then nukes.