Look What Someone Did to My Truck!
You have all seen my truck (click on the picture to view the beautiful girl blocked by my "links" panel). I've had bumper stickers something like these on the tailgate for several years now, and never once did anyone remove a sticker or do anything to harm my truck. But finally something happened. You won't believe what someone did to my truck the other day. Scroll down past this "before" picture to see!

Look what someone left under my windshield wiper!

And in "keeping the faith," here's a letter of mine that was published yesterday:


  1. glad it was something positive. I just spoke with someone in Castro Valley who had their "No on 8" sign stolen from their front yard last night.

  2. DC,

    There has been a lot of sign stealing this time here in the Bay Area. Last night on the news they showed some guys caught on video stealing yard signs.

    During the next election cycle I'm going to figure out a way to make them harder to steal. My little daughter suggested bending the bottom of the metal signposts so that they are barbed and harder to pull out. And a friend puts big staples through the plastic signs so they can't be pulled off the signposts.

    I have a cool motion-sensing sprinkler that I use to keep the deer off my front yard--that would probably be a great way to foil sign stealers . . .

  3. That note gladdens my heart - - what it says to me is that Republicans are developing a sense of humor, which is Good - - they're going to need it as Obama messes with their world view just a little. I say just a little, because he is wedded to the "Good Old Boys" - - obviously, or he wouldn't be a candidate. Evidence? He sucked Mightily up to the Zionists smooching all over AIPAC; he embraced Offshore Drilling (I know, that can be shrugged off as expediency, and it's potentially reversable; he is in bed with Big Pharma/ Insurance Theives - - yammering on about "Insurance" when anyone halfway honest would say SCREW LETTING 1/3 OF OUR HEALTH EXPENDITURES GO TO EXECUTIVE SALARIES AND RIPOFF INSURANCE PROFITEERS; he stayed MILES away from even WHISPERING about our PRIVATE CENTRAL BANK (the Federal Reserve is Neither!); and he kept his cowardly mouth shut when those Uigers got sent back to Guantanimo even though they are TOTALLY INNOCENT OF TERRRRISM AND EVERYBODY KNOWS IT!!! FOR SHAME!!!!!!
    So, like I said, I think it's Great that that Republican put that note on your truck - - shows a brilliant sense of sarcasm that should prove to be most entertaining as we proceed into THE GREAT DISILLUSIONMENT that we have coming at us. Kind Regards - - John G.

  4. Hi John,

    Thanks for your comment. You CAN post anonymously to my blog--I think it gives you three options. But thanks for letting me add your post. I'll do it! I didn't quite understand all of your comments. I'm guessing you think that even the liberal Democrat who wrote that nice note is in actuality a Republican simply because Barack is so sold out to the good-ole-boys network. I TOTALLY LIKE AND APPRECIATE your letter. I'm not really for Obama so much as I'm against McCain. Those of us who are reality based know that the fact that the Republicans have chosen an actual CLOWN (Palin) to be a heartbeat away from the most powerful job in the world shows absolute contempt for the people, and therefore shows criminality. So every thinking person will vote for Obama simply as an easy, binary way to easily, quickly, and bloodlessly stop a true national disaster. The moment after he's inaugurated (and even before), we can deal with him--and believe me I'll be first in line to do so. Only Kucinich really deserves to be president because he's the only one who did the actual work at hand--to remove the drunk guy from behind the wheel of the bus before he kills your kids and the other passengers riding inside or runs over more of other people's kids (Iraqis) outside.

    If Obama doesn't close Gitmo on the first day of his presidency, he's a piece of shit. But for the time being, don't hold it against him so harshly that he seems to have sold out so completely. Only 2 out of 5 people even know the 3 branches of our government and about 40 percent believe dinosaurs and humans lived together, so the stupidity in our culture is as real as an iceberg in front of a ship, John! Obama has to steer around this very real iceberg by saying stupid things. The candidates who said true things--Ron Paul, Nader, McKinney, Kucinich--are all out on their asses. The stupid zombies who make up about 75 percent of our population wouldn't even listen to them, even if the .05% of the people who rule us would have let them.

  5. Well, folks, isn't it time to celebrate? McCain didn't make it. Palin is back in Alaska, where she belongs.

    And I covered the whole show live for CNN in Berlin. Sadly we did it in German, so it doesn't really make sense to post the link (I'll do it anyways for the pictures http://www.coveritlive.com/index.php?option=com_altcaster&task=siteviewaltcast&altcast_code=30a4eb544d&height=550&width=470)

    But I can tell you: Blogging until 0600h isn't compatible with regular work... ;-)

  6. Hi German Psycho!

    The link didn't work on my Mac (Safari and FireFox), but I was able to go here (http://germanpsycho.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/live-blogging-uber-die-us-wahl-2008/) and find your posts . . . then I pasted them into a translator and got an idea about what you were writing.

    Thanks so much for sharing the good energy with me. This is truly an amazing event--to go from having a president who is borderline retarded to having a brilliant, creative, president is very strange indeed. Take care, and thank you so much for you care, concern, and understanding for my sick country!